RSC Conversions for custom aircraft models

Please read the "How It Works" page about parameter keywords structure before.
If some I/O function does not work in your aircraft with predefined RSC/SimVimX keyword (the plane model author is not using X-Plane commands/datarefs for this function) the SimVimX plugin can "remap" this keyword to the custom plane data, using additional "conversion" file for this plane model.

Built-in RSC plane conversions

For all the plane models I have in my X-Plane collection, and for all that I buy later, I'm going to create complete conversions, using the correct parameters and testing them all. The combined RSC conversion file for SimVimX plugin includes conversions for a number of aircraft models listed below (the list can be expanded eventually).

If you have one of the custom aircraft models listed here, just place the data conversion file ("RSC_Planes.dat") into SimVimX plugin folder (along with the SimVimX.dat file). All you need to do is correctly assign all the necessary parameters in the configurator.

The SVX plugin detects which aircraft is currently loaded and uses the appropriate data conversion for your input/output configuration. The RSC_Planes.dat file works since SimVimX v1.0.85.

This database currently includes conversions that I am working on gradually (as time permits), or plan to start:

In the right column, you can open the current progress chart if I added one for some plane (click "Progress"). Not yet converted or INOP elements are covered with a reddish layer. Also, a link to the configuration map is added there (if the plane is included the configurator)

ModelCompletion level
A321 / ToLiss
Progress - Map
A320 / JAR Design
- Map
A321NEO / JonathanOrr
- Map
Beechcraft KA350 / AirFoil Labs
- Map
Beechcraft T-6A Texan II
Boeing B738 Laminar/Zibo mod
Completed - Map
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 / FJS
Cessna Citation CJ4 / Netavio
Challenger Cl300 / DDen
- Map
DHC-6 Twin Otter / RWDesign
Diamond DA-62 / Aerobask
Completed - Map
Embraer E195 / SSG
Embraer ERJ Family/ X-Crafts
Embraer Legacy 650 / X-Crafts
Embraer Phenom300 / Aerobask
Epic E1000 / Aerobask
Eurocopter EC135 / RotorSim
L-200D Morava / PWDT/NHA
Mooney M20R Ovation / Alabeo
Pilatus PC-12 / STMA
Pilatus PC-12 / Carenado
Pilatus PC6 / Thranda
Piper Arrow III / vFlyteAir
Piper PA30 TwinComanche / vFlyteAir
Piper PA44 Seminole / Alabeo
On start
Robin DR401 / Aerobask
Completed -
SAAB S-340 /Carenado
Socata TBM900 / HotStart
Completed - Map

NOTE: For every "custom" aircraft listed here all assigned I/O parameters always work as-is without a separate conversion file (including Zibo mod for Laminar B737-800 that is currently embedded in SimVimX plugin database, but will be included in the RSC_Planes file).

You can see the estimated completion progress for each model in the table. Check the date of the last changes and the list of keywords used in the aircraft conversions that are not complete yet, by clicking the [Progress] link (will be added soon). Ask me if you have any questions.


1) To support the development, you can subscribe and download the current (up-to-date) RSC_Planes.dat on my Boosty blog (also, those who are subscribed already on my Patreon can get it there).

Your vote can help me prioritize aircraft conversions: Vote here

2) Or, you can freely download and use the basic RSC_Planes.dat that includes few completed conversions from the table above:

- Zibo B738 (Laminar B738 mod)
- Robin DR401 / Aerobask
- DA-62/Aerobask
- TBM900 / HotStart
- Challenger Cl300/DDen (in progress)

(updataed Oct, 12)

!! Place the RSC_Planes.dat file into SimVimX plugin folder, along with the SimVimX.dat file:

RSC Converter

If your aircraft model is listed but not yet complete, you can wait for the model to complete, downloading the file on update. If your plane is not listed in the built-in RSC data conversion above you can ask me to add it to the list.

Or, if you are qualified enough, you can "remap" default parameters for your plane by yourself, creating the conversion file for the particular plane in the RSC Converter.

NOTE: You don't need to create your own conversion if you have the RSC_Planes.dat and your plane model is listed, it's useless, because the plugin will always use the built-in conversions, ignoring the same parameters mapped in your custom conversion file.

You can only create your additional (temporary) conversion file only for those parameters that are not converted yet for a plane listed in the current RSC_Planes file.

The custom conversion file for particular plane should be placed into this plane folder!

Also note, that many pre-assigned SVS/RSC keywords are not simply aliases for datarefs, but complex internal SimVimX functions, and "converting" them to work in your virtual 3D cockpit you may lost the full functionality for RSC hardware and SimVimPanel (for example most of the radios functions).

Other downloads

Here I'm providing the "barebone" C90B plane as example of aircraft model without any virtual panels, instruments and custom scripts, it's just a flight model with full external visualization. This is all you need to build your home cockpit using RealSimControl for hardware and SimVimPanel for cockpit instruments.

Download RSC_C90B.zip and place the plane model in the X-Plane aircraft folder, for example "Aircraft/HomeCockpit/.." folder.

User's Conversions

These few separate conversions below are created (but can be not complete!) by other qualified authors, you can use them as-is, I can NOT test them because I don't have these models. The [>>>] link opens the Converter for authors only. Others can see the converted parameters.

B1900 - Carenado| >>>
B200 - Carenado| >>>
C172 - AirfoilLabs| >>>
MD-80 - Rotate| >>>
A319 ToLiss| >>>
B757 - FlightFactor| >>>
A320 - FlightFactor| >>>
The "publish.txt" for A320 FF

Note: place the data conversion file into the corresponding aircraft folder.

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