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11 Sept. 21

New SimVimX 1.0.82 plugin has been released, please read the update log on the SimVimX website or on SimVimX Boosty.

Configurator, database/keywords update

LEDs paired with corresponding switches / buttons

Starting with version 1.0.76-78, it was announced that the same parameter keywords for inputs and outputs will be used for most parameters, instead of two separate keywords for some parameters (Switch+LED, or Button+LED).

This was obvious when you have the same single dataref for input and output, but later this feature was extended, allowing the mapping of a single keyword for both input and output controlled by different datarefs and commands. For example, a single parameter name can contain a pair of commands for a switch and dataref for an LED.

This function was implemented for several buttons and worked as default parameters, but did not work correctly in the converter for custom ones.

The default RSC parameter database includes now 300+ switches having corresponding LEDs with the same keyword. After new database upload to the website, you will see that many keywords in the configurator will have the same name as related switch/button. But you don't need to worry about compatibility, please read the notes below.

Conversion for LED keywords paired with corresponding switches

In general, this feature is used for indicating the system state linked with the corresponding switch (like all autopilot and MFD buttons), but also can be used for the Onn/Off switch state indication.

This allows you to assign the switch state LED, for example, if you are using momentary button instead of the korry switch and can not use direct LED control indicating a switch position (as described here).

If needed, you can reassign the default RSC keyword for your plane model in the converter. If an input keyword, assigned to a switch or button, has a "+" sign after the S or B (S+ or B+) in the converter table you will see additional options in the conversion window.

1. Select the keyword S+ or B+ for the switch from the data.cfg file to reassign it.

2. Assign the commands or dataref for the switch as usual.

NOTE: leave "default" if you do not need to convert the input, but only the LED!

3. enter the related dataref for the LED. It can be the dataref for the corresponding system state, or the dataref for ON/OFF switch position.

Converter update

Alternate text/symbols displayed on the 7-segment indicator or LCD

In general, this function has been added to the converter to display text according to some condition (this can be an aircraft system mode or a test button controlled with custom datarefs).

If an output keyword, assigned to display, has a colon after the D in the converter table (D:) you will see additional options in the conversion window (the Alternate button):

1. Select the keyword D+ for the display from the data.cfg file or from the conversion table. If you want to add the alternate text that replaces the dipaly data, click the [Alternate TEXT].

NOTE: leave main display field "default" if it works as-is and you need only to add the alternate text!

2. Enter the text symbols accordingly with the display format, then enter the dataref wich is used to display this text and it's two values, for example 0,1 ( 0 for main data and 1 for the alternate text)

Additional display option - format

Generally, every RSC parameter has preassigned display format that can be changed by SimVimX function for some device types, and optionally it can be changed in the converter for specific plane:

Note, this conversion guide is added to the converter page.

Converter/Configurator updates

The conversion tool now automatically replaces outdated keywords with new ones when the user's file is uploaded, and merges the data for certain inputs and outputs that previously used separate keywords but were changed to have a single keyword.

NOTE: You don't have to do anything with your existing configuration, conversion files and of course wiring.

  • 1. When you uploading your data.cfg file to the configurator and save it all outdated keywords will be replaced automatically with new ones.
  • 2. Even if you don't altered your data.cfg file every old keyword will be working as usual for you, the plugin will replace it with new keyword on the plane load.
  • Conversion:

  • 3. After new database upload to the website, all existing public conversion files for the custom aircraft will be changed automatically, you just need to download the file again to get the updated conversion.
  • 4. If you made a conversion file yourself, upload it into the online converter and save - all outdated keywords will be replaced.
  • 5.If some conversion file includes separate keywords for related inputs and outputs that are now merged in the database, these keywords will automatically be merged in all conversions, with all input/output data intact and working as intended.

    • I have extended the configurator in terms of more flexible structure of aircraft maps. As example, take a look at the B738 map, that will be finished soon. As well I will continue to add mappings at least for those planes which conversion files are available for public download.

      Also, as I have bought several plane models (including the X-Craft Embraers family, Toliss A320, Morava, Twin Otter, etc...) I will work on the conversions for these models, that will be available for download or later ncluded to the SimVimX database as default.

Other updates

The built-in Laminar B738 Zibo conversion has been updated. Now all MCP displays as well as overhead displays (Landing ALT / Flt ALT) are working properly, maintaining test mode - when you activate the light test switch, all displays flash with pattern 8888, respectively for each display format. The same is done for the dafaul Laminar B738.

Also, I'm preparing the conversion for the Toliss A321 model, it will be available in the download page.

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