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It is a tool to "convert" predefined RSC/SimVimX keywords in case some of the aircraft model functions do not work with the default keywords (the aircraft model designer does not use X-Plane commands/datarefs for these functions). As described in the "How It Works" section, these SimVim keywords need to be "remapped" for a specific custom plane model by the SimVimX plugin when the aircraft is loaded.

When another plane loads, the plugin will automatically reassign the same keywords to this plane commands.

Before Convertion: Notes

  1. Take a look at the list of already created conversions below on this page. If you have the plane model listed there, you don't need to create your conversion.
  2. Before starting, decide what input controls (switches, knobs) and indicators you want (and really need) to have in your home cockpit, and assign them all in the configurator. Don't waste your time and money trying to reproduce every useless and "odd" (for a home cockpit) switch and indicator, leave them as "dummy".
  3. Test assigned control (SimVimX keyword) with your aircraft model before making conversion. If keyword is working as-is it doesn't need to be "converted" even if your plane model uses custom dataref or command for related function.

  4. Find and assign only the relevant keywords in the configurator maps, don't assign mismatched random keyword, just spend a few more time to find the needed keyword or ask me to add it. Besides, if you assign all the keywords correctly, many of your plane controls will work as-is without any conversion, even if you know that the plane has custom commands for them.

  5. If you are sure that there is no suitable parameter keyword to assign in the existing list of the configurator, you can create a few custom keywords for specific input/output functions (which can be later added to the list of preassigned keywords).

Enter the Converter
- Start your conversion, using the I/O configuration file that you created for your aircraft using the appropriate parameter maps in the configurator (your data.cfg file created beforeis used as a source of keywords for conversion!), if there is no public conversion file for your plane available below.

Predefined RSC Conversions for some aircraft models

If you have one of the aircraft custom models listed below, just download the data conversion file for this model and place it in the folder named /SimVimX/ located in the aircraft main folder. You don't need to create the conversion yourself, just use the conversion files, correctly assigning all needed parameters in the configurator.

NOTE: For a few "custom" aircraft all assigned I/O parameters always work as-is without the need to have a conversion file, because their data conversions are built-in to SimVimX Plugin fatabase (such as Zibo mod for the Laminar B737 and the freeware Aerobask Robin DR401 model).

Some conversions may be incomplete yet, and I will continue editing a plane conversion. You can see the progress, check the date of latets changes and the keyword list used in the plane conversion clicking the [List] link. Ask me if you have a questions.


Embraer family - X-Crafts
Piper PA-44 Seminole, Alabeo
SAAB S-340 - Carenado
Airbus A321Neo-FXPL
DHC-6 Twin Otter - RWDesign

Conversions made by users (completed or in progress)

The conversions listed here are created by other authors, some of them are fully completed and you can download and use these files as-is (you can create your additional conversion file if the existing conversion is not fully completed)

The [>>>] link opens the Converter for registered authors only. You can see the progress, check the date of latets changes and the keyword list used in the plane conversion clicking the same [>>>] link.

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