RSC Data Convertion

Real panel control and virtual plane data conversion

As described here, every assigned RealSimControl keywords (parameters) is "mapped" to a specific X-Plane command(s), dataref values with different options, or to SimVIm/X function programmed in the plugin (using X-Plane and SimVimX datarefs). And, if the loaded plane model is one of the default X-Plane models or a free model with no custom datarefs, all the controls and outputs you assigned will work fine right away.

The SimVimX data structure allows to have the configurator database compact, having unified names for all controls, independant of plane type and especially model developer.

What about datarefs and commands in X-Plane and custom planes?

As it's mentioned here, most of custom aircraft developers create hundreds of their own "custom" commands/datarefs for every simplest function though they even have no any reason for this, because they would easily use existing X-Plane commands/datarefs instead, for most functions.

Let's see for example how a simple toggle switch assigned to SimVimX parameter for some aircraft system works with different aircraft models which can be one of the X-Plane standard, or free downloadable model or payware model.

1. Simplest and most preferred case. The aircraft developer uses only position bitmaps for the switch image, and the standard X-Plane dataref is used as refernce value for changing the switch image on the screen (0=OFF, 1=ON). Also, for toogle operation the related standard X-Plane command or two (up/dn) commands may be used.

The real switch assigned to the SimVimX parameter works as is, turning the aircraft system on or off, and the virtual switch image is also changed:

Also, the SimVimX may have a specific function programmed for this system

2. Custom, common function. X-Plane has implemented this functionality, but the virtual plane model uses its own custom commands/datarefs for it.
In this case the SimVimX/RSC parameter may need to be converted to the custom aircraft data, but no necessary.

3. Custom, special function. X-Plane has not implemented this functionality, but the virtual plane model includes it and uses its own commands/datarefs for it.
In this case the SimVimX parameter should be converted to the custom aircraft data.

If the SimVimX has this functionality programmed in the plugin, the conversion can not be needed.

4. SimVimX programmed function. If X-Plane has not yet implemented this feature, and the virtual plane model does not include it either, the RSC parameter works with a function programmed in the SimVimX plugin, and this function may have different behaviour depending on the aircraft type or equipment model type.

5. A virtual plane model has no any cockpit interior, no instrument panels, no virtual switches and annunciators, and no custom scripts. As example, you can download the "barebone" King Air C90 in the Download section. In this case every assigned parameter, for any input/output will work either with standard X-Plane functions or with a function programmed in the SimVimX plugin, with external SimVimPanel program or hardware gauges:

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