SimVimPanel: Full Aircraft Panel request

In order for us to better plan the development of our SimVimPanel modules and know what aircraft panels people are most interested in, we ask you to fill this short feedback form, stating what aircraft panel module you would like to see in SimVimPanel, if you are interested in full panel backgrounds or just the gauges, and if you are currently using any particular panel that is already available.

For which aircraft would you like to have a complete instrument panel/panels (SimVimPanel module or modules).

Additionally, describe if you wish to have a complete realistic backgrounds and other graphics for all switch panels, indicators, overhead, autopilot, full day-night lighting, etc. (for those who what to quickly and cheap build a realistic panel using several high-resolution monitors, TV screens and s, and LCDs, without cover panels). Look at the demo on this page.

If background graphics is needed for the panel (or describe what you want)

If you are using one of the available SimVimX panels

Select the SimVimPanel module that you are using now:

- I'm using full panel texture

Currently working on these panels(s), instruments:

  • EFD1000
  • B737 PFD
  • Mooney M20
  • Cessna 210