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King Air B200

The work-in-progress, beta and full versions will be available to subscribers on Patreon.


ModuleLast UpdatedOptimal LCD sizeNotes
Pilot Side05 Dec. 2022Plugin v2.14 required
Copilot Side25 May 2021Beta
Pedestal gauges25 June 20213 gauges
Upper Annunciators04 Oct. 2021Beta, options will be available
Lower Annunciators01 Mar. 2022Beta, options will be available

This panel has typical configuration for King Air 200 / B200 (or C90, B1900) and comes with Pilot side and Copilot side modules. The central radio panel is not included.

To be added:

  • Variations of this panel for C90B, B1900 and King Air 350
  • Expand EFIS-84 and add EFIS-85 functionality
  • Separate panel modules for annunciators and radio stack

Additional modules:

Lower panel with flaps, cabin ALT and VVI indicators, two annunciator panels (upper and lower):

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