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SimVimPanel - Baron B58 (and Bonanza A36)

Since SimVimPanel v4, the new B58 / Bonanza modules have more precise instruments positioning and updated/corrected instruments.

Here are the cut-out dimensions (real size, in mm, 140 DPI) for the Baron 58 SimVimPanel. The template shows the part of the panel with all correct distances between gauges, not related to the monitor start coordinates, because you can place the panel as you need on any screen and save the position in the program.

Two cutout templates for the SimVimPanel B58 cover panel, depending on how the bezels are attached, are included in the zip file below.

The simpler option: you have just a bezel outer ring with glass, glued to the panel surface. In this case you should have smaller diameter of the instrument cut-outs (70-72mm for 3.125" gauges)

Or you can make the bezels that are inserted into the cover plate of your panel. In this case you should cut the holes with full 80mm diameter.

The panel cutout template above has been made as close to actual dimensions as possible. In the picture on the right, you can see how SimVim template fits with the cover plate of the real B58.


The single-engine A36 Bonanza panel for a 22"-24" monitor.

The main Baron 58 left panel for a 22"-27" monitor can be used either as a single panel or in pair with the separate right panel. .

Right side with radio stack for a 18" - 20" monitor. Instruments options available on request - different types of the radio devices, engine monitoring instrument instead the airspeed gauge, etc.

Wide panel: pilot side with radio stack.

Full panel. Cropped on the sides, leaving out the clock and copilot turnslip gauges.

If running this or Extended module on a single display, it's recommended to be at least a 4k screen for gauges to be well readable.

Extended panel. Includes all gauges from both pilot and copilot sides with cockpit graphics.

Note: mini-PC is recommended, running this module on a Raspberry Pi will disable the cockpit background graphics.

An alternative version is provided for B58 with older instrument coordinates, for those who started building a B58 panel before the v4 update.

On this page you can read more about using LCD monitors of different sizes for any panel: SimVimPanel notes

The work-in-progress, beta and full versions will be available to subscribers on Patreon.

Panel modules

ModuleLast UpdatedOptimal LCD sizeNotes
Panel Cutouts140 DPI
B58 Pilot Side20 Apr. 202222"-27"
B58 Copilot Side14 Apr. 202219"Instruments options available on request
B58 Pilot Side - Old10 Apr. 202222"-27"Instrument coordinates from SVP v3
Wide-screen modules
B58 Wide25 Apr. 202232"Pilot side + Radio
B58 Full25 Apr. 2022Single hi-res or 2 screensLeft + Radio + Right (cropped)
B58 Extended25 Apr. 2022Single hi-res or 2 screensFull panel.
Running it on RPi will disable the background.

Example image showing an extended panel (displayed on a single or in a two-monitor setup) and a hardware lower switch control panel.

Below is the B58 wide panel module running on mini-PC and 27" monitor:

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