RealSimControl - Terms of Use

The RealSimControl / (or older SimVimCockpit/HCSCI) Software is free and provided AS-IS for personal, non-commercial home use only without any warranties, it constantly develops and improves. The firmwares were significantly changed several times from version to version to comply the SimVim(X) plugin protocol and can have further changes in protocol and configuration.

The over-commercialization of the home cockpit building hobby for the last decade has resulted in a number of overpriced cockpit modules (as GPS) on market, which are mostly simple cheap boxes or bezels with buttons and a few cheap common components, but are often presented as complex products for home cockpits due to lack of available information the builders may have..

This project and all information on these website pages should inspire people to technical creativity, showing them that it's not necessary to spend a lot of money to realize their dreams.

Any enthusiast with the desire to create a home cockpit can get all needed technical information, and know that instead of purchasing expensive hardware, they can build any panel themselves, spending a few hours and using very cheap or free materials and free software.

On the other hand, I welcome really cheap cockpit parts and handy "DIY kits" for home cockpit builders, any instructional resources, 3D printed parts, free 3D and CNC models, and so on!

    It is FORBIDDEN to use software in ANY commercial products:

  • It's not allowed to embed RealSimControl firmware (or older ArdSimX, SimVimCockpit) to any commercial hardware product and use as a part of commercial Panels.
  • It's not allowed to distribute your products with any RealSimControl/SimVim(X) software or keep any of our files on other web resources and include them in the package of any products you sell.

    RealSimControl software can be freely downloaded from this website only.

For Cockpit Builders:

The RealSimControl/SimVimX interface is very easy to use with your DIY cockpit hardware. You can easily install and update the firmware in any time directly from the plugin menu and create or change the configuration for your cockpit of any complexity. You don't need to buy something special, all you need is common switches, buttons, LEDs, display modules and one controller board. And few plastics (PVC), wood, cardboard and your hands. Read "To buy or make?" here.

But, if you still are going to buy some panels, modules, devices to implement them in your cockpit and use with RSC/SimVimX interface only, note that all you need is that they have the necessary switches, LEDs, displays to which you have free access to connect (solder) wires.

Before buying of some enclosed/boxed device (MCP, G1000, Radios), that are proclaimed as compatible with RealSimControl /SimVim, check first with the seller that there is NO built-in Mega2560 board inside this device to wich all the switches, encoders are already connected permanently.

1. If yes, don't buy it, because it will be impossible for you to use all other cockpit controls with RealSimControl .
2. Find another device that includes all switches, encoders (and maybe multiplexers) that are available for external wiring,
3. Or ask that seller to provide you a device without embedded and connected controller board, but only controls wired to convenient headers.
4. Consider the price - without firmware it's just a box with few switches, LEDs and displays.

! I do not provide support for any commercial cockpit hardware that you could buy somewhere as a "Plug&Play" module with an embedded controller board (Arduino) for RealSimControl (or HCSCI/SimVimCockpit) firmware, with all the switches connected to it. I'm not responsible for any problems that you may encounter, or once this device stops working after next updating of the RealSimControl (or SimVimX plugin).

For Hardware Sellers:

If you are going to produce and sell hardware products/modules for home cockpit builders and you would like to use them with the RealSimControl (and SImVimX plugin), please consider the following:

  • Design your product (device) so that all wires from switches, encoders, displays, and multiplexers are accessible or connected to the terminal blocks (headers) of your device chassis. This way, users can easily wire them into an external RealSimControl main board (or multiplexers) and make custom configuration along with all the other hundreds of cockpit I/O controls.

  • Don't integrate controller board (Arduino) into your device if it intended to be used with RealSimControl interface only, just describe that your product is used with RSC/SimVimX Interface and place a direct link to the RealSimControl website pages, online configuration. Think, you have an opportunity to produce cheap, convenient bezels, kits and DIY-modules with all knobs and switches in their places, but without the need to include any complex electronics inside your products!

If you want to use our software as a simulator interface for the purposes of children education and creativity in some non-profit institutions, museums, or schools (NO MILITARY purpose!), please contact us, we will provide the suitable version for you. When you start using RSC/SimVimX Interface, please specify all our credentials on the webpages displaying your project.


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