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Your support/donation is very important for the development of the project, besides, you can get more personalized technical support, advice, access the aircraft conversion file (see this list), get beta versions or modified firmware versions (if available or upon request).

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Boeing 737 NG - Instrument Panel | Full Panel ->

The full set of the B737 panel modules is currently in development. The beta versions will be available for subscribers (Boosty or Patreon).

Here is the instrument-only version is for those who build a complete panel with cover plates made of plastic, metal, plywood or cardboard covering the monitor screens, containing only cut-outs for instruments and indicators. The full-panel (textured) version will be available, please read here.

There are (will be soon) several SimVimPanel B737 modules available for using with 4 or 3 LCD screens.

1. The left main panel module for 23" LCD, Central module for the 14-16" LCD, right maim panel module for 23" LCD and lower module (MFD + 2x CDU) for 21.5" LCD:

2. The same as configuration above, but if it's is more suitable for you, you can use the left PFD+Chrono module for 15-17" LCD and central module for 23". In both cases you can use the right side without the right chronometer for 18.5"LCD.

3. If you use chronometers as a separate instruments you made (or bought) use two modules for 18.5 LCD for the left and right PFD/ND and cental module for 15" LCD:

Partial panel design (pilot only side)

For this variant the same modules are used for the main panel, the right side is not used. The only difference - for the lower part is 15.6" LCD is used displaying the left FMS and MFD. But, you can use also MFD+2 CDUs if needed).

The work-in-progress, beta and full versions will be available to subscribers on Patreon / Boosty or on request.


A single monitor ( 18.5" LCD) is used for MFD and 2 CDUs or a single monitor (15.6" LCD) for MFD and left CDU:


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