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Generally, communication with users is provided in our blog (Patreon, Discord) and by email for subscribed users. The "support" email above can be used mainly for initial connection. By subscribing to our blogs you can get more personalized technical support, advice, access the aircraft conversion file, get beta versions or modified firmware versions (if available or upon request).

You can order a custom cockpit configuration and hardware layout, conversion, instrument panel for multi-monitor setup.

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Two-needle Instrument with two steppers

If you need a two-needle instrument but don't have a suitable mechanism for one stepper or multi-shaft steppers, you can use separate steppers for each needle with additional gear wheels.

Both gear wheels have to be of equal diameter:

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The second (bottom) stepper can have a zero-position sensor disc directly on its shaft.

One stepper motor should be configured with inverted mapping. To avoid this, you can add a 3rd gear wheel as shown in the picture below. Or, any other gear combinations can be used, depending on your gauge design (for example, when you have two co-axial needles with gears as in the right picture:

gau gau

Biaxial stepper motor

Of course, the obvious option is to buy one of available on market biaxial stepper motor, for example, VID28-05, BKA30D-R5 or similar. These are just two motors in one housing with gearboxes like the ones shown above:


You can find them for $3-4 for a piece, hHere are few example links (relevant on the dat this post is published or updated):

On AliExpress 1
On AliExpress 2
On AliExpress 3
On AliExpress 4
Amazon Link
Ebay Link

Etc., you can find moreā€¦

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